The Truth and NOTHING But the Truth

In most homes, the term "Basement Waterproofing" is a misnomer.  Basement Water remediation is done by strategically redirecting (or controlling) water from the outside or inside.  Where and How is it redirected or controlled? We determine that by assessing your specific circumstances and future plans for the space. Water that causes pressure on the foundation walls or floor (hydrostatic pressure) should be relieved or reduced through a variety of approaches.  They vary not only in method, but also in risk.  So, the company providing you a solution should explain (1) why the solution is the best value for you, (2) how long it  takes to implement and, of course (3) the cost of the solution and type of warranty.

It's a pleasure to share more about our Basement Water Control Systems; here's an overview:

Who We Are and Where We Are:  Based in North East, MD.  We served Central New York State for 19 years, which is now supported by JTH Enterprises, LLC.  Due to the "business friendly" climate, we expanded in early 2016 as Delaware and Maryland's exclusive contractor for our most popular System (Baseboard Water Control System). As a local, privately owned company, our soul allegiance is to you, the property owner that calls us needing a cost efficient solution.  We're not a franchise and don't have "call centers" or a generic website; the owners answer the phones and are the founders of the company.  We constantly search for more effective and efficient ways to resolve basement water problems.  So, you can be assured that we're not required to use certain products and solutions because we are a "franchise".  To the contrary, we use materials from the most reliable manufacturers to design the best value and guaranteed solution for your basement water problem.  We have a "No Hassle, No Gimmicks, & No Pressure" reputation; so you'll enjoy reviewing your project if you invite us for a visit.

Our Success Rate: 100% in the past 20 years, because we never suggest a solution until we have a thorough understanding of your water problem and future plans for your basement.  It's your house and your money . . . and you're trusting us to guide you.  There's nothing more important that Clients' trust

Approaches and Systems: As full service basement water control experts, we have a variety of Systems for solving wet basement problems. The great news is that trenching up your floor to install a "French Drain" or stone and pipe is rarely needed; in fact (usually), it's unnecessary.  There is no "one size fits all" System for resolving leaking or flooding basements.  However, the majority of wet basements in Maryland and Delaware are caused by leaks through concrete wall cracks, concrete blocks or where the foundation wall and floor meet ... our most popular System is specifically designed to deal with it . . . GUARANTEED!  One of the many reasons it's so popular: Less risk, less time to install, and, usually, less cost. We believe that part of our job is to save you money. We have saved clients hundreds and thousands of dollars using our cost saving Systems; in fact, a client saved over $10,000!  

Warranty and Reliability:  There are all types of warranties: Lifetime, 100 year, "Extended", and so on.  Yet, the warranty is only as good as the people that back it.  Also, it's not the term of the warranty, but the chances of using it.  As with an automobile, most clients tell us they'd rather have a 50,000 mile warranty that has very little chance of being used, than a 100,000 warranty that will be used often.  Warranty service calls for our least expensive and most reliable System is less than 1%; and our clients will attest to the speed and accuracy of our repairs.  In the past 20 years, clients have told us the most important assurance of a solid guarantee is the prompt, reliable service after the installation - Superior!
                      Our 15 Year Transferable Warranty is backed by that 20 year reputation.

Whether you want clean dry storage, a laundry area that makes the chore more pleasurable, or a space where everyone can enjoy a weekend movie; we're uniquely qualified to  . . . . . . .

Transform Your Basement from Wet to Wonderful!

We Transform  Basements...          from Wet to Wonderful !