We Transform Basements  from Wet to Wonderful !

It's not difficult to find "contractors" to give you a price for a home improvement project. However, our client's tell us it is difficult to find one that consistently provides great value... we heard them loud and clear!

Over the years, I've worked hard to earn a reputation for consistency in customer support, fair prices, and excellent workmanship.... that's Superior Value, which earns clients' trust!

As exciting as a new kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel can be, we know that it's also disruptive to your life.  We always respect that we're in your home and you have trusted us with it.  Further, we're guests in your home and we'll work to be the best guest you've ever had.

When it's time to plan your project, you can rest assured that we listen, ask questions, listen more, and provide the most honest explanation to your questions.  That is Superior Service!

We believe one of our primary responsibilities is to provide you with a thorough drawing and a step-by-step plan of what to expect and when to expect it. Developing a step-by-step plan with you, is the only way for you to feel that we're being transparent and thorough.  You will have a complete understanding of what materials will be used, where they will be installed, and why they'll be used.  It's your house, your money, and we're there to support you; and if we don't demonstrate that we are committed to respecting that, then we shouldn't be working in your home..... PERIOD!  Every client.... yes, I mean every client we've had the privilege of working with, will tell you that we truly believe that.  They won't tell you we're perfect, but they will tell you that we demonstrated the utmost respect for them and their property.

You'll see in the drop down under this page's tab, there is a page for Projects which will have photos and client comments.  Many of our clients had us do remodeling projects after we Transformed their Basement From Wet to Wonderful and you'll find some comments regarding our remodeling work on the drop down under Basement Water Control.

I hope you like what you see and will invite us for a visit to review your remodeling project.


George M Massery